About us


HourlyBee is a flexible platform where workers can search for hourly jobs and utilize their free time to earn extra hourly wages for a better living. Whereas, businesses can find hourly workers and hire them when they need instant help at their workplace. Be it an hourly job, part-time job, voluntary or seasonal job – Hire or get hired instantly through HourlyBee. The focus of Hourlybee is to create a quality and instant connection in order to facilitate Hourly employees in finding an appropriate Hourly Job and help businesses with hiring on-demand employees instantly. The mission is to help students, job seekers, employees or workers to find the right kind of job to earn extra in free time based on their skills that are suited to their preference so as to maximise their potential.

It offers workers the flexibility to work wherever and whenever they want and also makes them available to businesses according to their preferred time and location.

The requirements and demands for hourly jobs mostly come from the labour industry, restaurants, events, retail stores, spas and domestic help. HourlyBee provides a common platform for people searching for jobs in such areas and also helps businesses looking for the right kind of workers and employees at the last minute.

Now no more wasting time to search for hourly paid jobs or to search for instant hourly employees on Job portals as you can now turn straight to HourlyBee for a solution.