The Corkscrew Wine openers
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A Guide to the Corkscrew Wine openers

For any bar or any food service establishment, Corkscrew wine openers are one of the most essential tools. Yes, they serve as a helping hand to open wine bottles where customers can then drink with whole joy and comfort.
Although the Corkscrew wine openers seem like a pretty simple tool, their purpose is much greater than that. However, using the Wine Bottle Opener is a stringent task where you will have to look after a lot of things in the entire guide.
Hence, at this stage, all you can do is simply go ahead and unwrap an exclusive guide for Corkscrew bottle openers.

3 Types of Corkscrew Wine Openers

Speaking about every type of corkscrew, each one has got its advantages. Each wine opener helps in opening different types of bottles.
Given below are different types of corkscrew bottle openers that help in determining which type of corkscrew is the best for you.

  1. Walter’s Corkscrews

    The Walter Corkscrew openers also commonly known as Wine Keys are a great tool for different establishments. Further, they also offer a complete blend of compact size, affordability, and functionality.
    Most commonly, the Walter Corkscrew openers are great for front-of-house and are commonly used for open and pour wine at the tables.

    How to use the Walter Corkscrew:

    1. You can begin by cutting foil below the bottle tip.
    2. The bottleneck on foil must be absent.
    3. Now, place the worm on the cork center & then turn the entire corkscrew for inserting the ring in the cork.
    4. Lever up the entire handle for pulling the cork just about the halfway mark.
    5. Now, while holding the corkscrew, you must twist the motion for distinguishing the worm and cork.

  2. Pocket Corkscrews

    Just as the name suggests, the Pocket Corkscrews comes in quite a compact size and are a good option to be carried anywhere. It can fit in the pocket quite easily and offers good support to open wine bottles.
    Also, it is a great option for different bartenders who like to open wine bottles each time.

How to use Pocket Corkscrew:

  1. Start by slicing the foil right under the bottle lip.
  2. Now, eliminate the sheath & gently slide it right into the opening at the base of the corkscrew.
  3. Insert corkscrew into the cork right until the worm gets into the cork.
  4. The moment worm has been inserted, pull from the handle for removing the cork.
  5. To remove the cork from the worm, reversing the motion can be a better bet.

3.Wing Corkscrews

Wing or also known as Winged corkscrews are one of the most popular choices for synthetic cork.
Also, it is used for cork of all sizes. Altogether, having quite a smaller size and ease of use design, the corkscrews are good for use by the waiters.
How to Utilize Wing Corkscrew:
  • You can begin the process by cutting the foil.
  • Now, eliminate the foil around the bottleneck.
  • Eliminate the Foil & then insert the worm at the center of the cork.
  • Now, blend the corkscrew lever for putting the worm in the cork.
  • The moment wings have come out, push down on them, and then pull off the cork out of the bottle.
    Final Word of Mouth

    Well, hope you have got an exclusive guide on Corkscrew wine openers. Each of the above-given wine openers has got its USP. Hence, you can choose from any of the above wine openers and open wine bottle to an absolute level of perfection.
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