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The Best Whiskey Sour recipe, ingredients, variation

Well, the miraculous mixing of the ingredients has led to the making of perfect whiskey sour, every individual will love. Just like the name suggests, it’s sort of a lip-smacking drink but comes with a sweet side to balance all the flavours.  

Even in 2020, Whiskey Sour is the favourite drink of almost every drinker. Hence, right in this article, you will know the best recipes, ingredients along with a variation of this super delicious drink.  

Without wasting any time, let’s jump into the topic and uncover some of the best information on whiskey sour.  

Discover the best Whiskey Sour Ingredients

Starting with the basics, given below are the best ingredients for a lip-smacking drinking recipe: 

  • 2 Fingers of Lemon Juice 
  • One lemon rind 
  • A Slice of Orange 
  • Three fingers of Bourbon 
  • Some Ice 
  • One finger of Gomme Syrup 
  • One Cherry 
  • Sugary Rock glass 

Uncovering Whiskey Sour Recipe 

Given below is a complete step-by-step guide to help you prepare a wonderful and powerful drink.  

1. If you have all the above ingredients in place, you can put all the liquid ingredients right into the mixer.  

2. Thereafter, add Ice and shake the entire mixture well until it’s perfectly blended.  

3. Now, strain the mixture into the ice-fitted glass & then garnish as per your needs.  

4. For instance, you can use the lemon rind, orange slice and cherry to garnish the drink to perfection.  

5. Either case, you can effortlessly use your imagination and create the perfect Whisky sour, as per your wish. 

A Glance at Whiskey Sour Variation 

Well, it’s a proud thing to say that this super drink has been around for over a hundred years. In each year, tons of Whiskey Sour variation came into existence where this section will be offering you some “PERFECT ONES”.  

So, quickly let’s go ahead and unwrap the best Whiskey Sour variations for the year 2020 and beyond.  

Further, most experts suggest consuming Kale raw if you want to gain maximum benefits.  

Whiskey Sour Egg White 

By adding egg whites in your drink, you will get a lot more froth, bite and it will become much tastier than usual.  

A Splash of Maple Syrup 

With the help of Maple Syrup, you can actually make your drink a lot sweet and delicious. Also, it can help you to make the drink a lot brighter than the usual drinks.  

Go Bitter 

Well, for the people who like to drink bitter drinks, you can add grapefruit juice, black mission fig and grapefruit juice. After mixing all the ingredients, you will get the true dark bitter flavor, you have ever wanted.  

Spice Up 

Just by adding Aquavit instead of bourbon along with lemon juice, cinnamon syrup and Tawny port can make “THE PERFECT” drink

What’s more? You can effortlessly add some red wine on top to make a revolutionary version of Spiced Whisky Sour.  

The Big Apple Ride 

With the help of flavourful VSOP and Cognac, the entire recipe of the drink is gradually replaced. Further, along with a good portion of sugar, orange juice, and lemon juice, you can blend all the ingredients together.  

Lastly, a touch of red wine craftily placed right at the top makes it one of the best drinks available for crazy drinkers.  

Wrapping Things Up 

Heading towards the concluding phase of the article, hope you gave got the best of all information on Whiskey Sour.  

Well, every single day, tons of variations of this super drink are coming into existence where you can try your type of variation.  

So, what you can really do now? Well, just one simple and amazing thing. Follow each of the above Recipes, prepare your favorite type drink and enjoy every single sip, to the absolute limits.