Hire On-demand in last minute

Help when you need

HourlyBee helps businesses to find an appropriate worker easily when they need instant help at their workplace

It provides businesses and workers with the common platform to reach out to each other easily and conveniently. It’s the easiest way to hire a motivated worker who can contribute to businesses according to their skills and work on an hourly basis.

It’s a place where businesses can get an on-demand workforce With HourlyBee, businesses get a peace of mind in finding skilled and trained workers WHEN and WHERE they need them.

How does the app work

  1. Add or Edit your business details
  2. Select Job title Define help type : Last minute / Part-time / Full-time
  3. Use prescreen to shortlist And hire the right worker easily!

Why One Should Sign Up

  • Get last minute help
  • Get an on-demand workforce
  • No more posting jobs on job portals
  • Find skilled workers when you need help
  • Hire workers on hourly rate and time
  • Look for last minute, part-time or full-time workers
  • No commissions, only pay when you hire
  • No more putting signboards of help wanted
  • An easy and quick hiring process
  • Shortlist from pre-screen and hire instantly
  • Manage your workforce
  • Avoid last-minute confusions at your business
  • Hire a right worker based on your need
  • Match with compatible and qualified skilled workers

HourlyBee is a one-stop solution for restaurant, retail, nightlife/ entertainment, events, spas, or any quick-service industry. Businesses are wasting money and time on posting jobs. HourlyBee can help businesses to get an on-demand workforce to avoid last minute confusions. It can be used when you want extra skilled workers to come and help you in peak hours or if someone from your team has left suddenly or when you need last minute help.

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