How to search for hourly work?

Create your profile and add about your skills, education and experience. You may be asked for more information later on in the process, but you want to make sure you make this as clear and as detailed as possible.Fill up your work profile where you have to update your hourly rate and fill out what you want to work as in Category as well as your work experience if you have one. After that wait to hear from the businesses, they will come to you when they need help.

How to search for hourly help?

Simply add up your business details, address and phone number of your workplace. Select job title like cashier, caregiver or whatever type of worker you are looking for part time, full time at your workplace. Different workers profile will be shown to you according to your needs and then shortlist from them and hire directly.

What is prescreen for business owners?

Pre screen is used to have a look at workers list which businesses had already hired before at their workplace.It can be used to see whether that particular worker is still looking for hourly work or no so that businesses can hire them without looking at other profiles

Is it important to add work experience and education details for workers?

No, Adding up work history or education details is not compulsory. We have made this platform to make hiring process easy and thats why its not compulsory but making your profile 100% complete helps improve your chances of getting hired.

How to Unsubscribe from Emails?

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘Remove Me’.

Can work profile be edited again and again?

In this case, what you want to work as i.e.job title cannot be changed, only hourly rate can be changed. If you want to change the job title, then you have to create a different profile and set hourly rate there as well. So your multiple profiles can be shown to business owners and then they can hire you according to their needs.

How do business owners and workers contact and communicate?

Once business owners shortlist workers profile and select an appropriate worker, they will communicate by email and then confirm and inform them directly that they are hired.

Is the app free to use or there is a subscription payment?

Using HourlyBee is free for workers. If you’re looking to hire employees for your business, this is an effective and affordable way as it is completely free.

Instant Availability v Future Availability

Instant availability is when you want to work immediately on the very same day.whereas future availability will allow you to make yourself available in future where you can select days and time so that business owners can find you for help in case they need you in future at that particular time.

What if I don’t fill out any availability? Or Is it important to fill out availability?

If you don’t fill out any availability, business owners will not be able to know when you are available and free to work and they won’t hire you. Work availability is basically setting your time and day when you can work and that’s important.