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Hostess Job Description, Duties, Responsibilities

Well, the hostess job truly depends on greeting the customers most joyfully. The moment customers visit any restaurant, take their seat or want to be on the waiting list, Hostess is in charge of greeting the customers. Additionally, when it comes to the hostess job description, we have got for you some of the best possible information.  

On top of that, Hostess duties include taking up the calls, handling customers, giving menu cards to them whenever necessary.  

Given below is a detailed explanation on Hostess Duties and responsibilities.  

Hostess Job Description Template

We are quite a busy restaurant and are looking for a good hostess that can great customers happily. Also, they must be well-educated, groomed and must greet the customers as and when they enter the table area.  

Or else, even if the customers have to wait in the waiting area, they must effortlessly help them wait in the same.  

Alongside, to perform the role with great passion, you must be able to stand for long periods and manage a busy shift.  

A Glance at Hostess Responsibilities
  • Greeting each of the guests and putting them on the waiting list as soon as possible.  
  • If there is no seat available, you must be able to communicate the same with guests in a much polite way.  
  • Offering guests menus and then answering to different sorts of questions.  
  • Seating every single guest at the table along with the waiting area 
  • Assigning different tables to guests and performing the table rotation in mind so that each server receives the right table.  
  • Properly talking with guests so that they remain pretty happy with the food along with services 
  • Responding to each complaint and helping them resolve those issues 
  • Answering different phone call, answering questions and taking reservations on a timely basis 
  • Having a thorough knowledge of the menu where you must know the pricing too 
  • Helping the staff members at different positions as and when needed 
  • Delivering great and effective customer service support to each of the customers 
  • Knowing your work pretty well and working with the utmost professionalism and joyful nature.
Hostess Duties/ Requirements
  • Any high school diploma or similar study background is highly appreciated 
  • An ability to deliver top-class customer support service in a much fast-track paced environment 
  • A good attitude and the ability to work effortlessly under pressure 
  • Treating every restaurant staff member with great nature and helping them in their tasks.  
  • Ability to perform high-quality work under a controlled environment 
  • Must be able to stand for hours and greet the customers 
  • They must be able to stand, help the customers and eventually generate more business for the owner 
  • Ability to lift different trays, utensils effectively and whenever necessary 
  • A willingness to follow instructions and asking questions whenever it’s mandatory 
  • Must be able to handle money and operate at the point-of-system 
  • Must work in a busy environment and cope up with different things in a professional way 
  • Can effectively work in longer hours without any sort of issue whatsoever.

Final Word of Mouth

Summing up the entire article, hope you have got the best of all Hostess Job description template. More to it, if you are looking for a Hostess Job, the above guideline can eventually help you in tons of ways.  

Here, you can look for every single point and see the basic requirements that is needed for such a job.  

On the other hand, if you are an employer, you can keenly look at the above Hostess Job description template.  

Here, you can do changes as per your liking where you can then ask the job seekers to apply for a hostess job, the best ever way.