10 summer jobs for teens
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Summer jobs for teens

For some teens, Summer is time to relax or go for a vacation, but for some, it’s all about utilising time to do something productive and earn money. 

Summer jobs are often an important stage for some teens and it’s never too late to try out the job market and start testing your own skills and capabilities. Here are some popular part-time summer jobs that let you earn extra cash while gaining valuable experience for the future which will help you become more flexible and social.

1. Food Services

This job comes with an opportunity for high earning and high learning. The restaurant industry will be perfect for you to learn team management, following instructions and conflict resolution. you can choose from positions as cashier, host/hostess, server, food runner, dishwasher, and prep cook. Food industry positions can help you develop skills and confidence while enjoying a bit of socializing.

2. Internships

 This can be a perfect option for you if you want to gain knowledge of the particular course towards your career. Internships will always help you gain industry knowledge and also help your resume look good. This will assist with gaining real industry experience that’ll look great on a resume. even if its an unpaid internship, the experience is going to help you a lot in your further professional career. you can target companies directly for an internship or simply take help from your counsellors.

3. Camp counsellor

Do you like to educate people or are you too much of an outgoing personality and love to explore? if yes, A summer job as a camp counsellor is an ideal choice for you. This job will allow you to spend time outdoors, mentor younger kids and help them develop new skills. A great perk of this job, aside from being paid is to spend plenty of time outdoors which can help you become more independent and responsible.

4. Housekeeping 

There are teens who are really untidy and never keep their rooms clean. However, there are some teens who do well in the housekeeping field. If you are the second type of teen, u can try housekeeping jobs which are in demand in the tourism industry, where hotels are often looking for the dependable housekeeping staff. This type of work will allow you to learn and develop your organizational skills. 

5. Landscaping and lawn care 

This is a booming business in the summer months. There are people who really don’t have time to look after their own lawns and gardens. However, this a job where there is more manual labour as well as it is time-consuming. So if you don’t mind getting dirty and love nature and outdoors, this job is right for you to make some hard cash

6. Concert/Event Venue

Jobs at concert or event venues include ticket sales/stubs, reception, concession stand, parking, security, and cleaning services. You could also get involved in the technical, marketing, and coordinating side of event planning. It takes a lot of people to make large events successful, and jobs at concert or event venues can teach teamwork and build people and leadership skills. Plus, you will see all your favourite bands or sports teams for free!

7. Tutoring

If you excel in Math, Science, English, computer software, or any foreign languages, you can establish a money-making business all by yourself.

Tutoring younger children in such subjects is a great way to earn. This opportunity will also strengthen your teaching skills while solidifying your knowledge in the field of expertise.

8. Movie Theater Worker

If you are a hardcore movie buff and find the air-conditioned atmosphere of the local theatre appealing when the summer weather sends the temperatures shooting up. You will love to work at the concession booth, be a ticket-taker or clean up after moviegoers. You’ll earn a steady paycheck and as an added perk, you may be able to snag an employee discount to see all the summer blockbusters. 

9.  Nanny

If you have a nurturing spirit who enjoy being with children, you can consider taking on a summer job as a nanny or babysitter, a position that is in high demand. This is a great choice for you if you wish to pursue a career in teaching, childcare, social work or any other field that makes use of social skills or requires interaction with kids. Working for some families, you could find yourself spending weeks in a beach town or other resort setting.

10. Retail Salesperson

Inventory, stocking shelves, product demonstrations, handing out samples in grocery stores, customer service or operating a cash register are all options when it comes to retail sales. This type of work can be great for teens who are particularly sociable, as they will often have to interact with the public in addition to working as a part of a team.

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