Best Restaurant Kitchen Layout
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How to Design the Best Restaurant Kitchen Layout

For any restaurant, the kitchen of a restaurant has been the heart and soul. Indeed, the best of foods are made in the kitchen and when it comes to a great Restaurant Kitchen Layout, you got to understand tons of things. 

While it may be fun to design your very own kitchen layout, you will have to understand that designing a kitchen is one of the most crucial things. Also, it’s important to take the proper decisions while designing the best of all kitchen layouts.

So, let’s go ahead and unveil a detailed guide for designing the Best Kitchen Layout for the restaurant. 

Understanding the True Demands of Restaurant Kitchen

Before you can begin designing your restaurant kitchen layout, understanding the demands of your kitchen is the first step. 

Different kinds of question you must ask are as follows:

  • What are the types of food you make?
  • What has been the entire dining experience?
  • How you want your staff to move into the kitchen?
  • Asking yourself some of the trickiest questions?

Well, having a good understanding of your kitchen is the basic necessity. For example, if your kitchen is a narrow one, the island layout can suit you the best in every case. 

Right from there, you can begin to deliver a good eating experience to each of your customers. 

Knowing your Restaurant

You will have to decide on the type of foods you will serve along with the type of dining experience. These will effectively determine most of the kitchen layout for your restaurant. 

For example, if you are willing to start a casual fast-food restaurant, your priorities must be efficiency and speed. Here, you can opt for an assembly based kitchen layout. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to start a fine dining restaurant, you can consider starting off with an open kitchen layout. Plus, you will have to make the kitchen look visually attractive 

Also, as and when you have decided on the type of restaurant, you can then look at the proximities. Here, you can decide the distance between the kitchen and the seating area. 

As and when you will know your restaurant, you can then move ahead to look after your staff needs. 

Fitting different Staff Needs

If you want to generate revenue of millions, the kitchen staff plays one of the most crucial steps. On top of that Kitchen Ergonomics has always played a critical role in the entire kitchen layout. 

Well, the overall flow of your kitchen can have a positive or negative impact on your safety, productivity, and other stuff. 

As and when you plan out your kitchen layout, the decision must be taken considering the staff size. 

Each of the staff members must be able to roam freely in the entire kitchen. Also, you must actively listen to your staff members and design the kitchen based on their comfort. 

This will instantly generate a sense of gratitude and peace among each of the members. Thereafter, they will learn to work with more joy and happiness, without a doubt. 

Different Types of Kitchen Layout Ideas

Now that you have understood the dining type and layout based on staff members, it’s time to explore some of the best restaurant kitchen layouts. 

Right in this section, we will let you know some brilliant layouts that can you can try out in your kitchen too. 

1. Assembly Line Layout

Exactly as the name suggests, the assembly line layout follows a single line structure. Yes, this type of layout is specifically designed for greater volume production. Right from the food preparation to food reaching on the table, everything happens in a line layout. 

More precisely, you can think of this layout as a single line one where the food quickly leaves the kitchen. 

  • Good for restaurants having casual dining system
  • Allows workers to focus on individual work
  • The washing area is separated from the line
2. Zone Layout

Speaking about the Zone style layout, the kitchen is separated using the traditional zone styling. 

For example, the food preparation area will be separate from the dishwashing one. On top of that, different food sections will get different rooms. 

If you would like to build large restaurants, this type of system will work the best. 

  • Allows each staff to focus on their set of expertise
  • The staff members can easily roam in the kitchen
  • Good for a large kitchen that offers different menu sections
3. Island Layout

With the help of Island Layout, you can find a kitchen dedicated to the meal cooking process. Here, every sort of fryers, the oven is centered right at the center of the kitchen. 

On the other hand, every other section such as food preparations, dishwashing stations is placed towards the kitchen walls. 

  • Keeps the meal placed right at the center of the kitchen
  • With circular flow, supervision and communication gets improved
  • Island Kitchen layout is much easier to clean
4. Open Kitchen Layout

If you are willing to start a big restaurant, the open kitchen idea is one of the best options. Yes, with the open kitchen idea, you can create a level of transparency and trust with the customers. 

In most of the restaurants, the chef’s table is placed right in the middle and is surrounded by customers who are waiting for their meal. 

Also, as per different studies, it has been proven that the open kitchen layout has been loved by people all over the world. Be it any country, customers have always loved such sort of layouts. 

Wrapping Things Up

While designing the best restaurant kitchen layout, the above-detailed guide will help you in every single aspect. 

Yes, right from computing based on your restaurant size to see the capacity of your staff, you can take decisions accordingly. 

Also, it’s truly crucial to develop kitchen layout based upon a reality where you can use metrics. 

Hence, at this stage, all you can do is to keenly follow the above guide. Thereafter, design your kitchen layout and serve food to the customers in the most miraculous way. 


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