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Survival Tips for Restaurants during Coronavirus

If there is anything in the entire world that is the scariest, Corona is the name that comes far ahead of anything. Started from the city of Wuhan, it has become a deadly nightmare for the entire world. None of the nations have escaped this deadly scare whereas if we talk about restaurants, the situation is worse.

For restaurants, things have become daunted where they are left with nothing. Customers have been their driving force where with Coronavirus, none of the customers are coming to the restaurant.

Hence, for every single restaurant owner, we have come up with some of the best survival tips for restaurants during the Coronavirus time.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unlock the best Survival Tips for Restaurants during the Coronavirus crisis.

Basic Guidelines Every Restaurant Owner must understand

Different kinds of question you must ask are as follows:

  • Do not close unless necessary
  • Have a reduction in your labour cost
  • Take the utmost care of your employees
  • Understanding the working of unemployment insurance
  • Cut your restaurant additional costs
  • Reduce the overall menu size
  • Freeze additional purchasing
  • Preparing for raising the capital
  • Effectively communicate with guests

If the restaurant has been struggling, Corona Crisis can be a great time to close down your restaurant  

Yes, if you are majorly dependent on the dining business and have tons of cost, closing down the restaurant can be a better option.

On the other hand, if you feel that you cannot give salaries to your hotel employees and it’s affecting your mental health, closing down is one of the best options.

However, if you are someone who runs a small scale restaurant, you can adjust your business accordingly.  

Finally, as and when the pandemic progresses, you can actively decide on opening or closing the restaurant.  

Operating Hours

In case of any delivery, you must consider opening the restaurant for a few hours only. During such a period, you must only allow taking only delivery for every single customer  

If there are any hour that hasn’t been much busier, you can consider closing down those hours.

Also, you must not think to extend the opening hours. This will keep a sense of discipline among the restaurant.  

Further, you can also create your restaurant website and elaborate on the opening hours schedule from that site.

Gift Cards and Take Outs

You must analyze on the tips you can use to increase your takeaway delivery.

Any addition of new dishes must be made where people can opt for and eat with happiness.  

If you are taking online home deliveries, you can consider giving certain gift cards with your orders. This can eventually generate a sense of love and care among your customers.  

Also, to increase your orders, you can eventually promote your restaurant on social media. With this, you can attract new customers where you can offer them lucrative discounts.  

Further, with lockdown being imposed on the ground level, it will have no adverse effect on the online world. Therefore, you can promote as much as you can and attract tons of customers, the online way.  

Labour Costing

First and foremost, you will have to cut the hourly wage giving system. This truly imposes a burden on the management and the head.  

On the other hand, you must opt for people who don’t want to work. Or else, if the person is not feeling well, you must him away from work as much as possible.

Beyond all the above things, the best way to decide which are the people to keep must be based on experience.

For your hotel, you know which are the person that knows how to cook, serve or run the restaurant.

Hence, you can keep those people and give them proper wages from time to time.

Further, you must try your best to not lay-off any of your employees. In this scenario, you must analyse your work staff correctly and then take decisions on the same.

Firing Positions

Well, when it comes to the pandemic, none of us know how long it will last. Hence, in such times, you cannot work on your complete staff potential. With this, you will to strategically define different shifts.

On the other hand, if you are finding it really difficult to pay down the salaries, you can eliminate the least working staff members.

This will help you to gain confidence and run the restaurant after the pandemic is over.

Care for the Employees

Indeed, caring for the employees is one of the first things you got to do in any case. When the restaurant was running, the employees were the true driving force. Therefore, right now when a pandemic type situation has come, you must treat people with respect and care.

On the other hand, you must do every sort of thing to empower your employees from every case as possible.

Unemployment Insurance

By now, you must have got your employee’s unemployment insurance. With this, even in pandemic times, the employment insurance can help the hotel staff to use that money and survive in such tough times.

However, not every employee is eligible for this insurance where it truly depends on each employee.

Therefore, if you are eligible for employment insurance, you can certainly take that money and use the same.

Right after when the pandemic will be over, then you can simply come to the restaurant and perform your duty, more effectively.

Final Word of Mouth

There is no sort of a doubt that corona has brought the entire world to a standstill. Every country is trying its best to ramp up the testing and find a vaccine, as soon as they can.

With this, restaurants are getting the most affected where employees are losing their jobs. Therefore, being an employer who cares for his employees, you can follow the above guidelines.

After effectively following the guidelines, then you can layout a plan strategically and effectively.

Also, you must pay additional care to your employees where soon after your restaurant starts, then you can run your restaurant with the utmost joy and comfort.