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What Is Hard Seltzer?

In a world where clubbing and party nature is on the increasing curve, it’s hard to resist the growing trend of Hard Seltzer. Yes, on the beer shelves, you will find those sparkling spiked soda water that every bartender loves to serve.  

On the other hand, with flavours such as grapefruit to mango, people love drinking sparked soda water to the core.

Right in this article, you will know the actual meaning of Hard Seltzer along with other value-added information.  

Let’s go ahead and first unveil the actual meaning of hard Seltzer.  

Hard Seltzer Definition

If you are comparing the spiked seltzer with soda or vodka, it’s definitely not that. Instead, the production of spiked Seltzer is done similarly to that of the beer.  

The overall concept of spiked Seltzer is that a small amount of sugar is potentially added to carbonated water. Thereafter, yeast is used for fermenting the mixture where the sugars are then converted into Alcohol.  

After this, the mixture is infused with the help of artificial and natural flavours.

More to it, the goal of these drinks is for creating low-carb, low-caloric sparkling alcohol beverages with minimum sugar.  

Additionally, many of the spiked Seltzer has been gluten-free that makes it a perfect drink for people who are on a gluten-free diet. 

Why is spiked Seltzer Popular all over the world?

With the growing trend of Hard Seltzer, this popular drink is slowly replacing flavored non-alcoholic drinks.  

Also, some people have moved on to live a healthy lifestyle. In such cases, for people who are potentially on low-carb diets or even keto, spiked Seltzer is the perfect option.  

On the other hand, even social media-fuelled up the demand for such sort of drinks. With this, people went on to opt for such drinks that can add towards the betterment of their healthier life.  

Take a Look at Hard Seltzer Recipe

For preparing spiked Seltzer, there are tons of recipes available over the internet. However, to simplify the making of such a popular drink, we have got for you one of the simplest and quick recipes.  

Come along as we unwrap the recipe right in this article.  

To be precise, if you want to make an authentic spiked seltzer, the following recipe will help you make the same: 

  • First, you will need 355 ml (around 12 ounces) of carbonated water.  
  • Secondly, you require 0.2 ml of lime extract. 
  • 0.2 ml of fresh lemon extract 
  • 30 ml of pulp-free orange juice 
  • 1 gram of citric acid (powder form) 
  • 210 ml of Vodka 

A Glance at Hard Seltzer Brands

Well, there is no need to go back in history to choose the best-spiked seltzer brands. Even in 2020, there are tons of good brands available that can make your life a bit happier and joyous.  

Come along as we unwrap each of the mega-brand names one by one: 

  • Golden Road Spiked Agua Fresca 
  • Natural Light Spiked Seltzer 
  • Two Roads Brewing 
  • Truly Hard Seltzer 
  • Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer 
  • Willie’s Superbrew 
  • Notable Tasting Quote 
  • White Claw 
  • Oskar Blues Brewery Wild Sparkling Water 

Final Word of Mouth

Well, there are millions of people all over the world who like to drink spiked seltzer drinks. Indeed, the drinks come in a variety of flavours where you can simply choose your perfect one.  

On the other hand, you must opt for people who don’t want to work. Or else, if the person is not feeling well, you must him away from work as much as possible.

On top of that, the drink is low in sugar and carbs that make it the perfect one for every fitness enthusiast.  

So, what you need to do now? Well, either you can prepare your drink or buy a good one from the market.  

Thereafter, indulge into drinking your favourite spiked seltzer and relish every inch of joy, life is signaling.