Story Behind

HourlyBee is a brain child of Mr. Hitesh Patel. The aim behind this initiative has always been to provide a subtle and easy way for workers and businesses to reach each other instantly. The idea was to be able to provide an on-demand workforce and in order to do that we simplified the process of hiring and coordination between the workers and the businesses.

Mr. Hitesh Patel used to own a number of sandwich shops and a lounge as well. As it goes with food and hospitality businesses, which is always in constant need for temporary workers. He saw that putting up sign boards for “help wanted”, and surfing through job portals couldn’t provide any quality help. This is when the idea came up in his mind. How cool would it be if there was an online platform that could provide you with “on-demand help”.


The beginning of HourlyBee was modest, and today we offer variety of work and amazing opportunities. Today, HourlyBee is the no. 1 app to hire on-demand work force and also to search for instant work and help.


Businesses belonging to a number of industries including hospitality, entertainment, travel, healthcare and auto, have taken our services to widen their online presence in a profitable manner. More than 90 percent of our clients rehire as well.