Best Restaurant Menu Card Design and Template
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How to Create the Best Restaurant Floor Plan

For any restaurant owner, getting the restaurant floor plan right has always been one of the most crucial things. Well, this includes different parts of the restaurant where kitchen space plays quite a crucial role. 

Most precisely kitchen layout may vary from restaurant to restaurant and things depend on the cooking scenario. Also, while designing the restaurant flooring plan, you must make sure to keep customers comfortable on the top level. 

If the customers are happy, it can effectively help boost your restaurant brand right to the next level. Plus, you may have listened from different restaurant owners that designing a floor plan is as easy as playing any video game. 

But, being a restaurant owner who cares for his customers, you got to create the floor plan, as precisely as possible. 

Hence, right now, let’s go ahead and unveil the best floor plan for a restaurant, right from this article. 

Restaurant Floor Plan: The Pre-Planning Process

Whether you have a readymade business plan or you are searching to rebuild your restaurant from scratch, pre-planning is the first step in any case. 

Before you can actually start ground-level planning, you got to ask yourself some questions such as:

  • What style of food service you prefer (Eg. Casual dining, Fast food, fine dining)
  • Who is your target audience (Eg. Couple, families, friends)
  • What is the amount of space you have in your restaurant?
  • What sort of image do you like to establish for your restaurant?
  • Your Views on the Profitability of your restaurant

Hence, if you can find answers to the above questions and write it down, pre-planning can help you set a brilliant foundation. 

A Glance at Restaurant Kitchen

Speaking about one of the most essential components in the restaurant floor plan will bring the restaurant kitchen into the spotlight. 

Yes, by developing an effective floor plan for the kitchen, you can maximize the efficiency along with the food quality of your restaurant. 

As far as the thumb rule goes, your kitchen must compose 40% of your kitchen space. If the kitchen staff is not getting ample of space, things can get messy right in the kitchen. 

With this, the staff may find themselves in an uncomfortable state and this will impact negatively the entire restaurant. 

Also, other than staff members, your kitchen must have ample food storage, dishwashing, and equipment keeping space. 

Now, coming right at the kitchen design, there are over 1000 layouts available on the internet. 

A look at Popular Kitchen Layouts

Speaking about the kitchen layouts, some of the best ones are as follows:

  • The Island

In the island sort of kitchen layout, the entire cooking process is kept right at the center of the kitchen. With the help of the island layout, the head executive chef supervises the entire cooking process quite effectively. In this scenario, the entire kitchen staff can move freely in the kitchen making the entire process much easier. 

  • Assembly Line Layout

Just as the name suggests, this sort of layout offers a sequence of work. Right from preparations to cooking and serving, everything follows the line process. 

Such sort of kitchen layout is beneficial for menus with limited food that demands the same sort of preparation. 

  • The Zone

This sort of kitchen layout is flexible where it allows you to keep different cook for divergent tasks. Here, one cook is not responsible for different dishes and a team of cook prepares each of them. 

A Steep glance at the Dining Area

For many restaurant owners, keeping the dining area as big as possible is always a dream. Well, knowing the exact space to deliver a better customer experience 

Now, the restaurants that have a limited amount of space will have to use the maximum amount of dining space. 

This will let the customers roam freely within the restaurant without getting cramped. 

Well, eager to know the tips of keeping the restaurant comfortable and profitable at the same time?

Take a look at the given below tips:

  • Utilize your Wall Space effectively

With the help of wall space, you can effectively add some good amount of table booths. This also delivers easy access to the servers as well. 

On top of that, with tables placed along the wall, it adds the level of privacy within your restaurant. 

  • Add different type of seating

Within your restaurant, you must add a variety of seating combinations for different people. Here, you can set seating arrangements for families, couples as well as friends. 

With this, the customers will find it most comfortable to sit in their chosen space and eat, a joyful way. 

  • Leave sample space between seats and tables

To be frank, each of the customers will need ample of free space to be seated and then eat their meal. 

On a precise note, you can keep 20 square feet per customer for the fine dining & 15 square feet for casual dining. 

However, you can analyze the scenario based on your restaurant, do the maths, and then leave the space accordingly. 

The Waiting Area

Usually, the waiting area entirely depends on the type of restaurant you are going to build. Following the rule of thumb, casual restaurants have a less waiting area where fine dining restaurants offer large areas. 

On the other hand, if your restaurant offers a bar, you can make it the waiting area, without any issue. 


Whether you are building a small scale restaurant or a large one, restrooms are necessary. Most probably, the restrooms are effectively placed near the piping along with the kitchen area. 

On the other hand, if you are keeping the restrooms near the dining area, you must keep a divider to distinguish between the two compartments. 

Final Word of Mouth

Wrapping up the entire article, hope you have got the best guideline to create the best of all restaurant floor plan. Hence being a restaurant owner, you can understand every single aspect of the floor plan. 

Thereafter, design the restaurant of your dreams, attract the crowd, give them better-eating experience, and build your restaurant brand to inevitable heights. 

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